Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of frequently asked questions by the customers. If you don't find your question here, call our HP toll-free number and get an instant answer from our experts.

1. How do I fix driver related errors in my HP printer

2. How do I connect my HP printer to WiFi or wired network

3. How do I fix blue screen of death error in my HP laptop or desktop

4. My HP printer is not printing, how do I fix it?

5. Where do I find my HP printer's driver?

6. My HP printer is displaying spooling error, how should I fix it?

7. My HP laptop is not detecting the peripheral devices, how should I fix it?

8. How do I get rid of the General system board failure- 5 blink error in my HP laptop?

9. How do I fix HP laptop power connectivity issues?

10. How do I troubleshoot my HP desktop overheating error?